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Vocable Translation
adhuc Adverb yet, so far, still, thus far, till now, to this p…
antea Adverb before, before this, formerly, previously, in the…
appropinquo, appropinquas, appropinquare A, appropinquavi, appropinquatum Verb come closer, approach
causa, causae [f.] A Noun reason, cause, case, situation
centum Numeral 100, hundred, one hundred, C (roman numerals)
consisto, consistis, consistere C, constiti, constitum Verb stop, stand, halt, cease, pause, linger, stop spr…
contra Adverb (1.) against, facing, face-to-face, in the eyes, …
domus, domi [m.] O Noun house, building, home, household, [domi => at hom…
hora, horae [f.] A Noun hour, time, season
eo, is, ire IR, ii, - Verb go
is, ea, id Demonstrative Pronoun this
nego, negas, negare A, negavi, negatum Verb deny, say that...not, to deny, say that... not
nondum Adverb not yet, Not yet
nunc Adverb now, at present
quidem Adverb (1.) indeed, certainly, at least (2.) at least, c…
scio, scis, scire I, scivi, scitum Verb know
sed Conjunction but
sine Preposition without
terreo, terres, terrere E, terrui, territus um Verb To Frighten
tunc Adverb then, then, then
verbum, verbi [n.] O Noun word
verto, vertis, vertere C, verti, versum Verb turn, change, advert
victor, victoris [m.] C Noun winner, victor, conquer
vito, vitas, vitare A, vitavi, vitatum Verb avoid, shun
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