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List of all Adverbs

Vocable Translation
alie Adverb someone else
aliene Adverb foreign
barbare Adverb barbarian, foreign
beate Adverb happy, sacred, holy
cetere Adverb remaining, rest
clare Adverb famous, popular, bright
diligenter Adverb thorough, careful, diligent
fauste Adverb successful, happy, lucky
firme Adverb strong
grate Adverb grateful, thankful, pleasant
hilariter Adverb cheerful, buoyant, happy, jolly
mee Adverb my
miserabiliter Adverb miserable
morose Adverb meticulous
multe Adverb much, many
nate Adverb born, descending (from)
nonnulle Adverb several, some, a few
nove Adverb new
omniter Adverb every, everyone, everybody, complete
parve Adverb small
pie Adverb dutiful, pious, devout
plene Adverb full (of)
postere Adverb following
proprie Adverb distinct, peculiar
remote Adverb removed, far away
Romane Adverb roman
Troiane Adverb Trojan
une Adverb one
universe Adverb everyone (altogether)
vere Adverb true, real, proper