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List of all Adverbs

Vocable Translation
altere Adverb the other one, (the) alternative
bene Adverb good
civiliter Adverb civil
cupide Adverb greedy (for)
digne Adverb worthy, dignified
divine Adverb divine
dulciter Adverb cute, sweet, kind
feliciter Adverb happy, successful
fesse Adverb exhausted, tired
Graece Adverb greek
graviter Adverb heavy, heavily
humane Adverb human
irate Adverb furious, angry, mad
laete Adverb happy, cheerful
Latine Adverb latin
magne Adverb big, great
male Adverb bad
militariter Adverb military, military-
note Adverb famous, known, noted, popular
nude Adverb naked, nude
pauperiter Adverb poor
private Adverb private
proxime Adverb (the) next
publice Adverb public
pulchre Adverb beautiful, pretty
relique Adverb remaining, left over
sancte Adverb sacred, holy
sane Adverb healthy, reasonable
similiter Adverb similar
ulle Adverb any