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List of all Adjectives

Vocable Translation
multi/multae/multa, AO Adjective much, many
nonnulli/nonnullae/nonnulla, AO Adjective several, some, a few
duo/duae/duo, AO Adjective (1.) two (2.) both
quingentii/quingentiae/quingentia, AO Adjective 50
sescenti/sescentae/sescenta, AO Adjective 600
abactius/abactia/abactium, AO Adjective stolen/rustled (of cattle)
abactus/abacta/abactum, AO Adjective driven away/off/back, forced to resign (office), …
abalienatus/abalienata/abalienatum, AO Adjective unfriendly, estranged, dead/mortified (medical, o…
abascantus/abascanta/abascantum, AO Adjective unenvied?
abbatialis/abbatiale, abbatialis M Adjective of/pertaining to an abbot/abbey, abbey derived
abbreviatus/abbreviata/abbreviatum, AO Adjective abridged, shortened, cut off, straitened, contrac…
abdicativus/abdicativa/abdicativum, AO Adjective negative
abditivus/abditiva/abditivum, AO Adjective removed, separated (from)
abditus/abdita/abditum, AO Adjective hidden, secret, out of the way, remote, secluded,…
abdominalis/abdominale, abdominalis M Adjective abdominal
abecedarius/abecedaria/abecedarium, AO Adjective alphabetical, belonging to the alphabet
abellanus/abellana/abellanum, AO Adjective filbert/hazel (w/nut), of Abella (town in Campani…
abhorridus/abhorrida/abhorridum, AO Adjective rough, unsightly
abiabenus/abiabena/abiabenum, abiabenis M Adjective From the Province of Asiria
Abiectus/Abiecta/Abiectum, AO Adjective dejected, downhearted, unimportant, despicable
abiegneus/abiegnea/abiegneum, AO Adjective made of fir, deal
abiegnius/abiegnia/abiegnium, AO Adjective made of fir, deal
abiegnus/abiegna/abiegnum, AO Adjective made of fir, deal, wooden
abietarius/abietaria/abietarium, AO Adjective of/pertaining to/concerned with timber or fir/deal
abjectus/abjecta/abjectum, AO Adjective downcast, dejected, humble, low, common, mean, su…
abjudicativus/abjudicativa/abjudicativum, AO Adjective negative
ablativus/ablativa/ablativum, AO Adjective ablative (gram.)
abnegativus/abnegativa/abnegativum, AO Adjective negative
abnormalis/abnormale, abnormalis M Adjective abnormal
abnormis/abnorme, abnormis M Adjective of/belonging to no school (of philosophy), deviat…