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Vokabel Übersetzung
ad hoc Phrase to this
ad hominem Phrase to the man
ad honorem Phrase to the honour
ad infinitum Phrase to infinity
ad interim (ad int) Phrase for the meantime
ad kalendas graecas Phrase at the Greek Calends
ad libitum (ad lib) Phrase toward pleasure
ad litem Phrase to the lawsuit
ad lucem Phrase to the light
ad maiorem Dei gloriam or ad majorem Dei gloriam (AMDG) Phrase to the greater glory of God
ad meliora Phrase towards better things
ad mortem Phrase to death
ad multos annos Phrase to many years
ad nauseam Phrase to seasickness
ad pedem litterae Phrase to the foot of the letter
ad perpetuam memoriam Phrase to the perpetual memory
ad pondus omnium (ad pond om) Phrase to the weight of all things
ad quod damnum Phrase to whatever damage
ad referendum (ad ref) Phrase to be proposed [before the Senate]
ad rem Phrase to the matter
ad sumus Phrase here we are
ad susceptum perficiendum Phrase in order to achieve what has been undertaken
ad terminum qui praeteriit Phrase for the term which has passed
ad undas Phrase to the waves
ad unum Phrase to one
ad usum Delphini Phrase for the use of the Dauphin
ad usum proprium (ad us. propr.) Phrase for one's own use
ad utrumque paratus Phrase prepared for either [alternative]
ad valorem Phrase according to value
Loculos ferebat Phrase